Groom’n Fresh™ Dog Cologne

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Groom ‘n Fresh™ Cologne is a dog cologne spray that helps keep your pet smelling delightfully fresh and clean, even between baths. The truly elegant, long-lasting, unique fragrance in Groom ‘n Fresh™ has been carefully selected from the finest, most prestigious perfume oils on the cosmetic market. A cologne of such quality is a special treat for all furry pets!

This cologne is perfect for keeping your pet smelling great between baths. You can even use this cologne after bathing your pet with Groom ‘n Fresh™ Shampoo for an extra lovely result. Groom ‘n Fresh™ cologne is cruelty free and safe for even puppies and kittens. This non-aerosol gives you 100% cologne with no propellant, and is safe to use with topical flea and tick treatments.

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Product Highlights

  • Groom ‘n Fresh™ Cologne is a luxury, scented dog perfume spray
  • Made with the finest esteemed perfume oils
  • Leaves your pet smelling great for days
  • Great for in between baths

Hold the bottle 5-8 inches away from your pet. Spray on evenly. Like all perfumes and colognes, avoid spraying directly into eyes or on broken, irritated, or sensitive skin.
Keep out of reach of children; this product is flammable.

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8 oz (236 ml), 32 oz (946 ml), Gallon (3,8 l)


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